Monday, 27 May 2013

Windows 8 Multiple App Launcher

****Launch Multiple Instances of Application/Softwares from Start Screen in Windows 8****

Open Multiple Number of Software Instances from your Windows 8 Start screen.

Windows 8 Multiple App Launcher is a lightweight utility that was especially designed to provide users with a means of starting several instances of the same program via the Start Screen.

After activating the multiple instances functionality, a reboot is required to make the changes come into effect.

As soon as that condition is satisfied, you can launch a program several times  from the Start Screen and, for each deployment, a new window will be available onto your desktop.


*Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
"Windows 8 Multiple App Launcher has a simple interface you can use to activate or deactivate the application multiple instance feature." 

"As soon as you reboot the system, you will be able to open as many instances of the programs included in the Start Screen as you wish"

Title of this post may be a bit confusing for you if you don’t know what multiple instances mean. In the previous versions of Windows when you launched anything from start screen, a new window used to open when you try to run same application multiple time. For example if you want to run Internet Explorer from start menu in earlier version of Windows, you can open as many windows as you want by going to start menu.

This behavior has been entirely changed in Windows 8. Those applications which support multiple instances to be run at same time do not open more than one window. For example if you have opened File Explorer from start screen, you will see that you can open only one window of File Explorer no matter how many time you click on File Explorer on your Start Screen. The same window pops up every time.

NOTE: but keep in mind that this method will only work for those applications which support multiple instances. For example Weather or Pictures app from Start Screen do not support multiple instances (new windows).




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